Notice> New android version updated by Everest-App

Notice > Finally, Everest App team released new updated android ver.(Everest-App)
What’s new ?
1. Timezone sync(The bug or error of same timezone fixed.)
Now, you can invite people in same timezone area and your
guest can get correct time and date from you.
2. Checking Past Event is available in calendar menu(Main Screen)
3. Event delete button (Users can delete event in the event details)
4. Exit button(Users can end the application.(Profile>Setting>About)
Please feel free to enjoy our app and make amazing life.
Simplify your life. Everest App is always supporting the users.
Everest App Android version link :
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WHY DIGITAL ME NOW? Why digital characters?

1. You can give a memorable impression to your friends and audience with your unique PR method.

2. It can be used in multiple SNS profile.

3. You can emphasize your great personality, not the cliche picture.

Please feel free to contact us!

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JunJie’s Interview who is an alumni of Amazing Story Inc.

Hello, I am glad to post the alumni interview of Junjie who is an alumni of Amazing Story Inc.

He was passionate and contributed to his tasks a lot. It was one of good case of the internship in Amazing Story Inc.

Let’s enjoy watching his amazing story.



Q1. Could you introduce yourself and what was your position & task in Amazing Story Inc.?

My name is Junjie Lin. I worked as a Web Development Intern in Amazing Story Inc from September to January, 2017.

Q2. Which experiences was good to you & what did you learn during your internship in Amazing Story Inc.?

It was such a good chance to work here. I enjoyed working with the Everest App team because I was assigned to work on the Everest App website using WordPress, focusing on webpage updating. In this few months, I have learned and showed team work, time management because I am located at California, US with a different time zone. I also improved my wordpress web development skills.

Q3. What is your new job and task?

My new job is Associated Developer on front end development in a small wholdsale hardware company. As a new employee, I expect to learn how the company works first, even though I was assigned to work on picture editing using Photoshop and webpage information updating during the interview.

Q4. Which things of your internship in Amazing Story Inc. were helpful & useful to you to get the job?

Working in Amazing Story has built myself a person with teamwork and leadership, I know how to distribute work and being responsible for each task. I do not know what actually help me get the new job, but I believe teamwork and leadership help me in some war. I always passionate to work.

Q5. Could you give some tips or messages for potential members in Amazing Story Inc.?

Most people/employers [in the US] care about result more than how much we put in. They want to see the result more than everything. However, we should not forget the moment we keep trying to get the result because those many times of trying get us an amazing feeling of hardship. Don’t give up.


I want to keep my fingers for Junjie’s future and fortune.

Thank you Junjie.

From Amazing Story Inc. Team


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Amazing Team: Interview for Digital Marketer, DoHoon Kim

Hello, Everest App users and the customers of Amazing Story Inc.

Today, We want to share the interview of our member called DoHoon Kim.

He is now a digital marketer in our team.

Let’s enjoy his interview video.



Thank you~

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How to Reduce Procrastination by Using the Everest App

With so many other activities, social events, and commitments piling on in your life, you might think that the answer to your problems is to procrastinate and not think about the problem at all.

The Everest app is a modern solution to reduce your procrastination and organization problems. It is a life scheduling application that resembles Google calendar. Not only that, but it also syncs other accounts from Facebook, Outlook, and Meetup among others.

Simple, easy, fast. The Everest app is a solution for planning your day. The app’s unique social features make productivity more entertaining as you can stay “in the loop” about events. Your life becomes a newsfeed that helps you take action and stay involved. Chat with friends, share photos, and continue engaging while learning to divide your time.

Organize your Personal Day-to-Day Life


The Everest app works like a remote agenda. Using an application like Everest makes it easier to recreate events, track notes, and set up reminders or alarms. You can pair this with a physical planner which offers more flexibility or go completely digital to save paper.

1. Sync Calendars

Creating an Everest app account requires you to sign up with your email. At the initial startup, the application will give you the chance to start syncing your other accounts now, or do it later. By syncing your calendars, you combine all your SNS information into one convenient location.


2. Add Classes into Your Schedule

Google Calendars allow you to repeat events, so you only need to do this step once. Feel free to skip this part if you have your schedule memorized already.

This function is especially handy at the beginning of your semester or quarter. You don’t have to rely on your brain, simply view the Everest app to remember what time you need to be in math class or see if you have time to grab lunch. Another benefit to adding classes into your schedule is that you will be able to add notes such as homework assignments. Knowing and seeing these reminders will help motivate you to do them. This will help fight procrastination.

3. Make Time For Work

For those that work part-time or full-time, the Google Calendar repeat function has the same effect in helping you add in a timetable for your schedule. Be sure account for travel time if needed.

“Work” can also include homework. By setting aside a specific block of time, it can help you commit to focusing more on your work and not on play.

4. Build Character

Maintaining a personal schedule can provide several benefits:

  • Learn how to budget time when you include extra activities like workouts and hangouts with friends in your agenda.
  • Instantly reduce stress by typing it out to remind yourself. Don’t leave everything floating in your memory!
  • Start to improve self-discipline when you make a habit of adding events.
  • Show initiative in knowing how to turn small goals into completed projects.

Increase the Social Connection

Here’s the fun part of the Everest app: social connection. Along with managing your personal life, the Everest app wants you to take advantage of its social features. When you’re waiting for coffee or have some downtime before class, you don’t need to awkwardly scroll Facebook and pretend you’re busy.

Actually be productive. A survey on Psych Central found that college students spend about 9 hours a day on their phone; take the opportunity to thumb through your online agenda to remind yourself of deadlines or interact with people that are going to the same events as you. If you don’t feel like you’re doing enough, fill up that calendar!

1. Get Involved

Part of being a college student means having access to multiple organizations on campus. You should take advantage of clubs or programs that interest you. Organizations often meet at predetermined times, so you can add them into your schedule. Other times, when groups create events on Facebook it is easy to add it to the Everest app. There are even functions which allow to create your own events. If you have already synced your calendars, you can share events across different social platforms with your contacts.


2. Chat and Connect

Within each individual event on the Everest app, you can start conversations with people and confirm event details. Before, during, and after the event there is also an option to upload media privately between members at the same event. You can then store the memories in the application. The Everest app’s event diary creates a safe place to store the information for future reference.

If you’re a student leader, this is also a great chance to store notes about things that go well or don’t go well and gain feedback on how to improve activities on campus.

3. Form Study Groups

One of the best features of the Everest app is the ability to invite others to events and allow them to vote on the best times to meet. By creating study groups, you have a chance to know classmates outside of class and gain fresh perspective on class material. Working with others may naturally reduce procrastination if you are goal-oriented.

DON’T create study groups without a plan. The Center for Teaching and Learning has several guidelines on how to create your study group and stay productive. There have been multiple studies that both encourage and discourage learning in study groups by focusing on effectiveness. Overall, they can be highly beneficial if done properly.


Fight Procrastination through Understanding

Procrastination is often stirred by the idea of instant gratification. You want a reward now, you can get it quickly. The advancement of the digital era has contributed to this phenomenon. Psychologically, small pleasures like receiving text messages or likes on your Instagram page can contribute to you delaying longer endeavors such as your English essay. By adding social features into your personal planner, the Everest app can turn your unintended procrastination into unintended productivity.

If you have any other questions regarding the Everest application, you can visit the Everest app website for more information.


It is available for iOS and Android in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.

What features work best for you?

Are there any tips or tricks we missed out on?

Let us know!


Original Story Published on Kinja.

Celebrate with the International Day for Tolerance

November 16 is the international day of tolerance. As it is a fairly new event, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) continues its promotion and celebration since 1995. The goal is to increase the connection between people and cultures to promote tolerance.


We become more tolerant by learning more about the world. Education is an arguably important tool for this campaign to show others diversity and open them to new experiences. Read on to find out more!

Importance of Tolerance

First, it is important to know why we need tolerance. Intolerance connects to such issues as fear, ignorance, and excessive pride and self-worth. Acting out through these emotions rather than knowledge leads to unintended consequences such as racism, discrimination and violence. Is that a world you want to live in?


Life is more valuable when we can appreciate the unique traits of others. Furthermore, mutual respect is kept when we remain open minded to others’ ideas instead of shutting them down. People should not be scared to voice their opinion. Our world is one where everyone has power to make choices and influence others. If we want to make positive change, we cannot hinder discussion.

For example, Zak Ebrahim’s TED video discusses his experience growing up as the son of a terrorist:

Today, take the time to read about some current events going on in other countries. Then compare the privileges that the people there have that you may or may not have. How do events affect you? Are they similar? Can you relate to them? The International Day of Tolerance is a great opportunity to reflect on the past and present.


Fun Fact: Every two years, UNESCO awards the Madanjeet Singh Prize for the Promotion of Tolerance and Non-Violence to institutions, organizations, or people who contribute to tolerance and non-violence.


Fun Ways to Celebrate

Next, put yourself in another person’s shoes. Immersing yourself into another culture gives you the opportunity to learn about their heritage in a fun, positive way. While you do so, look deeper into the story. The arts and activities we have are different, but still aim to bring beauty to our lives. Diversity opens the world to new experiences.



  • Eat Food

Delicious! Dine at a foreign restaurant or make some food on your own. Think that the dishes seem a bit strange? Take the chance to research about how they came to be. Additionally, you can compare and contrast the differences between what you are used to eating.  Many times, you can find variations of familiar meals on the menu if you are a bit hesitant at first.


  • Take a Dance Class

Dancing is a healthy way to exercise and stay active. From flamenco to jazz and more, learn about how these dance styles reflect the emotions and challenges of the people it relates to. Similar to trying out ethnic food, take some time to learn about how the dances originated in the country. You might surprise yourself with how different techniques developed over time.

As you dance, you’ll also be exposed to different genres of music. Our world today is continually evolving, and new styles arise from the old. Not only does knowing the history of these arts make you more aware, but they can also help you understand how modern styles have developed, and maybe even predict what will come in the future.





  • Watch a Foreign Film

Films are visual storytelling at its best. Fictional or not, the stories of the people in that culture give it a unique spin. You can pick up some of the social cues or society problems lying in different societies. When you compare them to domestic films, characters are likely to have as many stereotypes in films from their country of origin. They are more authentic and real. 


  • Travel

Finally, the best way to understand someone else’s life is to go out of your comfort zone and actually live there. If you can, find a chance to study abroad, as you will already be going with the intention of learning. You will have the chance to speak with the locals, practice your foreign language skills, visit significant historical locations, and more.

The more you expose yourself to foreign culture, the better you’ll also be able to see the connecting threads between everyone. Happy International Day for Tolerance!








Celebrating the Global Stick Snack on 11/11: Pocky & Pepero Day


On November 11th, the famous crunchy snack in the shape of chocolate covered biscuit stick is being celebrated in Asia. This event is known as Pocky Day in Japan and Pepero Day in Korea. When lined up by four, the snack looks like 11/11. Thus, started the delicious cultural celebration to help boost the company’s sale.

Pocky & Pepero Day

Photo credit:


The origin of these iconic biscuit snack was developed by the famous Japanese confectionery brand named Glico. They also produced the famous Pretz and the classic caramel candy. You might recognize this famous company with headquarter based in Osaka and the famous neon Glico Man sign in Dotonbori.

Pocky & Pepero Day

Photo credit:

The first Pocky was sold in 1966 with its original flavor of chocolate coating. Five years later Glico invented almond coating, and soon they dominate the market many different flavors: strawberry, green tea, banana, cookie and cream, coconut, yogurt, mousse, milk. And now even themed Pocky known as “Decorer Pocky”.

Pocky & Pepero Day

Photo credit: Pinterest

PockyDay & Pepero Day

Photo credit:

Soon after, in South Korea, the cookie stick that dipped in compound chocolate was released by Lotte Confectionery in 1983. So the Koreans call these snack Pepero. Even with Glico’s consistent claim of copyright infringement, Pepero mainly consist of 7 major flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Almond, White Chocolate Cookie, Tiramisu Cheese, and Nude (chocolate centered biscuit).

PockyDay & Pepero Day

Photo credit: Tumblr


In South Korea, Pepero Day started in 1983 as a day to express friendship and love. It is common to exchange Pepero as a “symbol to solidifying your wish to become taller and thinner, like the snack”. One version of the origin of the celebration started with two schoolgirls in Yeongnam in 1994, where the trend of eating stick-shaped foods to become thin begins and spread throughout the nation. Over the years, the focus of the holiday had been centered more on love. Pepero Day developed into a sweet exchange mania similar to Valentine’s day. 

PockyDay & Pepero Day

Photo credit: Tumblr

Following Korea’s popular trend, Japan introduced Pocky Day (and Pretz Day) as an appreciation for friendship on 1999. Which is the 11th year of Heisei in the Japanese calendar. Making the day seems more authentic with six ones: 11/11/11, Glico hope to increase their sales against their South Korean rival. They release plenty of campaigns, contests, and ad every year for everyone to catch onto the new trend. Friends and family would eat Pocky together to tightened their bond. To participate, try out different flavours, play Pocky games, take creative photos and uploading it to competitions or sharing it online.

PockyDay & Pepero Day

Art credit: Pinterest

How to Celebrate?

Over time, creative efforts were put into designing the perfect treat for those who wants to take their friendship to another level. Celebrate by making your own chocolate stick with colorful sprinkles and random flavors. Also you can make creative food art and videos from the ones you bought from store.

Create Your Own

Korea started the first homemade Pepero trend. So you too can learn to make your own and esign it the way you love. They also goes well with a cup of tea or latte!

PockyDay & Pepero Day

Photo credit:

PockyDay & Pepero Day

photo credit:

PockyDay & Pepero Day

photo credit:

Build Pocky Tower 

Even though there is no day off from school and work on this day, take a break when you have time. Start building Pocky tower with your classmates or coworkers. It’s a great way to challenge your balance and logic skill. It also helps build teamwork experience, and the best part is, you get to eat it afterward!

PockyDay & Pepero Day

Photo credit: Instagram

PockyDay & Pepero Day

Photo credit:

Pocky Cake

Comes in many shapes and sizes, the cake can be for someone’s birthday, a friend, a lover, or just a sweet treat to satisfied your sweet tooth. Whether you are pastry chef looking for new challenges, or just someone who really wants to try out a new recipe, just stick the stick biscuit dipped with chocolate onto the out layer of a normal cake and voilà, you have a Pocky cake! (You might need some of the cream to hold them in place)

PockyDay & Pepero Day

photo credit:

PockyDay & Pepero Day

Photo credit: Tumblr

Pocky Photo & Video

PockyDay & Pepero Day

Photo credit:

Even though the 11/11 celebration is primarily in Asia, Pepero and Pocky is branded under the name “Mikado” in Europe. They can be found in most supermarket. In the US, Australia, and Malaysia, these snacks are available in the Asian market. While in Asia, they are everywhere, from convenient store to your friend’s bag.

So let’s go grab some Chocolate coated biscuit to prepare for the special day!

P.S. Here’s a Korean song titled 11:11 by Taeyeon. Listen and enjoy this special day with your delicious treat and a sweet friend:

DIY Birthday Card with Everest App


There are so many options for choosing a perfect birthday card for a dear friend. But what would mean more to that special friend than making it yourself?

DIY Birthday Card with Everest App

Photo By Two Make Do (Blogspot)

Beginner Watercolor & Popup Card

Nowadays everyone likes to receive something unique and specially customized to their taste. So a birthday card is no exception. If you want to make this birthday memorable to that special friend, it wouldn’t hurt to try creating a one-of-a-kind birthday card. Whether you are an artistic person or not, there are some really simple ways to start your artistic venture. Watercolor is the first friend of an artist, it is the easiest tool for beginners to pick up and can create a professional look. Let’s grab that brush and some colorful pens and start!



For someone with a more technical ambition, there are also countless ways to create simple pop-up card with a quality of a store-bought card. Remember, only you know your friend and what colors and style they love.


Intermediate Skilled Craft Card

If you think you are creative and ready for a challenge, you can try using a variety of tool to assist you. You can also try to use glue guns, embossing machines, craft knives, various patterned card stock. Some paper craft skills that takes more time, but the result is amazing! You can even try put photos you share with the birthday friend and make a small flipping fountain card! Or make swirling messages out of strips of paper for a fun funky effect. From glittering powder, paper swirling art, to a wider range of coloring and paper choice, you can create your own 3D layered pop-up card, or cards that moved and flips based on these simple concepts:



Finally if you know how to cross stitch or draw, you can combine other art form with card making and and make something extraordinary to  express your best wishes for your friend!

Good luck on your card making adventure!