1. What is the Everest App?

With Everest App, you can easily synchronize your Google, Outlook and Facebook events calendar. Everest App also provides personal event hosting with Event Diary feature. After each event, participants can keep memorable moments and share their comments, pictures, and rating of the event. With Everest App, users will be able to discover local events that are related to their interests.

2. How to Create An Account?

First, let’s create Everest App account. Access the Everest App website, or iTunes App Store. When you start with registration process first, you have to enter your first name, email address, and password and click “Sign Up” button. You will receive a confirmation email. When you confirm your email address, you can finish your registration process. We strongly recommend registration with your Google Account because you will be able to connect automatically with all your contacts from Gmail.

3. Is the Everest App free to use?

Yes. Download the free iOS version of the Everest App from iTunes App Store.

4. How to synchronize SNS and calendar accounts from the App?

For now, users can synchronize their Everest App calendar with Google, Outlook, Facebook and Meetup event calendar accounts. You can add and manage your accounts on the profile site.

5. How to use Calendar?

Each SNS and calendar account is shown in a different color so you can easily identify which event belongs to which account. You can change the color of each account on the profile page. Daily, weekly and monthly views allow users to check their schedule and events quickly at the level of detail they need with clean and easy interface to use. How to use Calendar you see in the tutorial video

6. How to use Personal Event Hosting?

Users can organize and send event invitations in less than 60 seconds with the title, participants (individuals or groups), date, time, location connected with Google map, event photo, and notes. For each event, you can offer fix date and time or set up maximum three date and time options and allow your friends to vote. You can check or edit event details before the expiry date, or you cancel and reschedule your event. In the case you give the voting option for the participants of the event can vote between can go, maybe and can’t go. How to use Personal Event Hosting you can see in the tutorial video

7. How to use Event Diary?

With the search function all data from your past events are now in one place. After an event, attendees can comment, share photos and leave reviews on the event page between attendees only. This feature increased privacy control and allowed you to enjoy more in memories from your past events whenever you want. How to use Event Diary you can see in the tutorial video

8. Everest App Notification

You will receive a notification in the Everest App whenever somebody invite you to an event or respond on your invitation. You can edit event details before the expire time for the final confirmation. Comments before the event are allowed only between event hoster and attendees. Before expiring time, you have to confirm final date and time or reschedule the event. People who you have a plan to invite have to be connected with some of your Google or Everest App accounts! How to use Notification you can see in the tutorial video