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Thursday, February 16, 2017

About Amazing Story Inc.

Name Amazing Story Inc.
Address Aoyagi 1-13-13, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo, Japan
Founded 2015.04
Initial Investment ¥ 6,000,000
Representative Jeffrey Moon
  • Everest App (Scheduler)
  • Richengpei (Event Planner)
  • Character Business (Line Sticker & Digital Character)
  • IT consulting service (Mobile & Web development, Digital Marketing and Character Business)
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What is Amazing Story Inc.?

Amazing Story Inc. is a Mobile & Web Tech and IT consulting service startup that was applauded as one of Asia’s top 100 startup companies in 2016 by E27. Their current products include Everest App, Richengpei and Digital Character Business. They also offer IT consulting services such as Mobile & Web development, Digital Marketing and Digital Character Business.

What are the products/services of Amazing Story Inc.?

  1. Everest App – Everest App’s goal is to simplify the user’s life schedule. It is a scheduling application which integrates multiple calendars into a single platform for easy management. It is available on iOS and Android and calendars such as from Facebook and Google can be synced onto a user-friendly interface. Additional features include:
    1. Creating event invitations to guests
    2. Recording past events as diary entries
    3. Sharing event pictures and comments

  2. Richengpei – Richengpei is a Web & Mobile Web service that offers voting capabilities for scheduling appointments, ranging from personal to group events such as birthday parties, family gatherings, and various other types of meetings. Richengpei does not require the users to login or any registration to use the service. It offers a quick creation process with simple steps to make the event. Select the dates and time on the calendar, and share the URL link to friends and families to allow them to choose their availabilities. The users can also refer to useful information about the events from Richengpei’s blog.
    Richengpei Homepage: www.richengpei.com   Richengpei Blog: blog.richengpei.com/
  3. Digital Character Business – Amazing Story Inc. team offers character stickers in Line and other messengers. We also offer services for creating digital characters and making goods for people who want to have their own unique memorable item or to use on multiple SNS profile picture.
    Digital Character

In terms of products/services, what separates Amazing Story Inc. from its competitors?

Amazing Story Inc. is focused on providing the best experience and moments to event organizers and attendees.

For personal schedules, people worldwide use a variety of scheduling apps for different purposes. However, they often find it difficult and inconvenient to manage the scheduling and planning part. They want to easily control their entire schedule and to check all of their schedules in a single place. Therefore, Amazing Story Inc. developed a personal & group scheduling app called “Everest App” to solve their problems. Everest App can sync the user’s schedules from different calendars or social networking services (SNS). This app also offers features such as event hosting and an event diary, so the users can invite others and share memorable stories with pictures and comments. As such, they can manage their entire schedule and event progress with Everest App in an easy and simple manner.

For group events or social activities, event hosting platform services generally require login or registration information. Their services may include many steps to create an event. Therefore, Amazing Story Inc. developed an amazingly simple and easy event hosting service called “Richengpei”. With Richengpei, people won’t need to login or register to use our service and can make their events within a minute with our simple event creation steps. They can share the event’s URL link and post their events to any online location.

Nowadays, many people use various kinds of social network mediums, but their profile picture usually only consists of an ID photo. They sometimes want to use pictures which can express their personality and uniqueness as their SNS profile picture. Amazing Story Inc. targets these people and offers them our services to make digital character pictures or goods from their digital character.

Who are potential users of Amazing Story Inc.’s products/services?

People who enjoy making events or managing their daily routines could be potential users of Amazing Story Inc. It could include a variety of people such as students, professionals, families, groups and event organizers. People seeking a simpler and efficient way to manage their life will be our main users, but there are no limitations on potential users who could use Amazing Story Inc.’s products/services.

What is vision and value of Amazing Story Inc.?


Helping people make their own amazing story.


The dynamism and diversity of our team provides us with a strong global perspective. This enables us to come up with creative ideas for new and better solutions.


“We are the Avengers of Amazing team.”

How does Amazing Story Inc. communicate with the people?

Amazing Story Inc. has a variety SNS channels for users across many countries. Our multicultural teams of content writers are regularly creating various contents and corporate news for users in the following SNS channels:

(Facebook Like page)
Naver Matome
(Naver Matome)
Naver Blog
(Naver Blog)
Hatena Blog
(Hatena Blog)

How can the people who have trouble in using the service of Amazing Story Inc. contact Amazing Story Inc.?

If you have any problems, comments or inquiries for Amazing Story Inc. or its product and services, please contact us with the below email. A customer service representative may contact you within 12 hours.

Email: info@amazing-labo.com