How it works

With Everest App you can easily synchronize your Google, iCloud, Outlook and Facebook calendar,

share photos and comments with the attendees of the events as well as discover new local events

that are related to your interests.

With Everest App you can create your events anywhere and anytime.

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Everest App Features Calendar

Daily, weekly and monthly views allows you to check your schedule quickly at the level of detail you need with clean and easy interface to use.

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Everest App Features Personal & Group Event Hosting

You can organize event in less than 60 seconds. For each event, you can set up to three date and time options and allow your friends to vote. You can check or edit event details before expiry date or you cancel and reschedule your event.


Everest App Features Event Diary

With Event Diary you can check all data from your past events in one place. After an event, attendees can comment, share photos and leave reviews on the event page between attendees only. This feature increased privacy control and allowed you to enjoy more in memories from your past events whenever you want.



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